Saturday, 8 July 2017

Maker Faire Adelaide 2017 Call for Makers

It's that time of year again and in case you hadn't realised, 
Maker Faire Adelaide have put out their 'Call for Makers' 
to participate in this year's event.  

Coloured photo postcard: Centre white box of text surrounded by 6 photos of Maker Faire activities. Each photo is separated by a blue band.  Text: Maker Faire Adelaide Sunday November 5, 2017. Photos: (top left) a man with a brimmed hat, dark jacket and red-brown beard examines a model of miniature scenery; (top centre) A child 's smiling face wearing clear safety glasses; (top right) a man with black hair and black shirt smiling next to a piece of silver and white technology which could be a robot; (bottom left) faces of two smiling children between two daleks; (bottom centre) a young child with red hair and red/black top is hammering a nail; (bottom right) a woman with black hair, wearing a brown brimmed cloche-style hat and patterned vestis looking at a millinery exhibit. Hats are on the countertop and on raised stands.

Be quick! The deadline is 14 July 2017
You can find more information here:

The back of the Maker Faire postcard. Mascot "Sam" the robot is in the bottom left corner holding up a paintbrush daubed with red paint. Top left corner has the heading "Adelaide Maker Faire". Next to the heading is the following black text on a white background quoted in the body of the blog entry. Maker Faire Adelaide's web site address is in bold red letters in the centre. From the heading, a curve bordered by two blue bands sweeps down towards the bottom of the card and then up again towards the right edge. Some of the words within the blue section are: Science, Arduino, Digital A.., Drones, Hatter, Robots, ..tonomous Boats, Japanese Armour, Tinsmith, Computing, Lego Building, Experiments, 3D.., Jewellery Design, Hologram..words fade into a screen of pale blue onto which the followoing details are printed: South Australian Makers logo,, Sunday November 5, 2017 10am-4pm Tonsley; Email:; Twitter: @MakerFaireADL; Facebook: MakerFaireADL; A box on the bottom right says "WINNER Community Event of the Year 2017 - City of Marion (logo), Australia Day Celebrate what's great (logo)

What will I do this year?
Shall I be an exhibitor again or offer a workshop?

Friday, 30 June 2017

Guessing Game Answer

A ball of rainbow coloured yarn on the right hand side with two small samples linked to it by a dark section of yarn. The largest sample starts with light blue to green to yellow horizontal striped ribbing above which are two rows of broomstick eyelets in light blue and dark blue.  Following on from that sample, attached by a length of dark yarn, a sample of darkest blue post stitch ribbing. The crochet hook is still inserted into the active loop at the top of the dark sample. The hook is powdercoated aluminium with a red plastic handle. There is a white label attached with the size '2.50 mm' printed on the label. The size '2.5 mm' is also embossed on the side of the red handle in fine white lettering.
Crochet ribbing and broomstick lace together.
Can you guess what it will become?

Last week, I shared this project prototype and invited everyone to guess what it would be.

Did you guess what I was crocheting with those circular knitting needles?

Crocheting with knitting needles?  
That seems a bit peculiar but it's true!

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Beanies to Berets Exhibition & Sale Now Open!

The Beanies to Berets Exhibition and Sale
is now open at the Onkaparinga Arts Centre,
Port Noarlunga, South Australia.

Some of the beanies and berets that will greet you on arrival.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Circular Broomsticks

Last week, I dashed out to buy some circular knitting needles…

Two sets of grey plastic circular knitting needles on a dark background.  The cables are coiled at the top and the needle ends are pointing down. The set on the left are smaller and thinner than those on the right: 12 mm and 15 mm wide respectively.
New needle sets for the collection.
(L–R) 12 mm and 15 mm sizes, 80 cm length.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

BHG's Knitting & Crochet Collection 2017

The cover of the 2017 Better Homes & Gardens Knitting & Crochet Collection magazine displays a tan leather lounge setting featuring two bright throw rugs and cushion in tropical colours plus a round footstool or pouffe covered in round tapestry crochet and tassels. Three round inset photographs display a baby, man and woman respectively modelling their outfits of  light grey-blue pom pom baby hat and tunic, dark blue polo jumper and red beanie and coat. Starbursts in the top right corner announce "75 fabulous patterns you'll love" and "Big bonus learner's guide" . Headlines: "Warm up winter with snuggly throws", "Looking hot in cool jumpers and beanies" and " Wrap up littlies in cuddly creations"
Magazine Cover:
Better Homes & Gardens

Your Knitting & Crochet Collection
For you, him and the kids

 I couldn't help myself.  This year's Better Homes & Gardens annual Knitting & Crochet special issue was on display so I grabbed a copy to see what was being promoted in the Australian yarncrafting scene.

Its release coincided with Wool Week Australia which was from 13–21 May 2017.  Last year, I didn't see the annual special issue until August. It makes more sense to release it in May to give people time to make their winter warmers before the cold truly sets in.  This is my assessment of this year's magazine.