Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Royal Adelaide Show Results 2017

Here are my entries for the 2017 Royal Adelaide Show:

A collage of four separate photographs. The mini backpack is being worn against a black shirt, the broomstick lace scarf is folded showing the green and gold fringe. A green cutting mat is in the background. An excerpt of the tea towel top photo which appears later in the blog entry; and the silk mohair scarf hanging on a coathander as if it were around someone's neck with the floral fringe hanging down.
(From left:) Mini Backpack, "Love My Green & Gold" broomstick lace rainbow scarf, "Wine Grapes" tea towel top and "Fantasy Floral" silk mohair scarf.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Crows Family Day

A large video screen and the Adelaide Oval scoreboard are the backdrop for families and fans to gather on the turf . Families are sitting in groups on the lawn or standing near the stage in front of the scoreboard awaiting the arrival of the players.
Families and fans enjoying the sun.
On Sunday, the Adelaide Crows team returned home from Melbourne.  

Adelaide Oval was open for the 'Crows Family Day' which is a chance for the supporters to welcome the boys home and thank them for their hard work all season.

Saturday, 30 September 2017

A Crows Yarn

It's Grand Final day in the AFL world.
(Australian Football League)

My team, the Adelaide Crows are playing.
I have found the perfect yarn!

5 bullet skeins

Thursday, 28 September 2017

New Baby, New Blanket

Another brand new gorgeous baby has joined the family circle.

With every new baby, must come a new crocheted blanket!

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Delayed Decisions and Finished at Last!

A hand towel hangs from the crossbar handle of a kitchen stove. The towel is made from a folded tea towel and a crocheted top is attached which buttons over the handle. The crocheted top is purple to match the coloured text on the tea towel which says 'grapes'.
"Wine Grapes Tea Towel Top"
designed and made by Jodiebodie.
Nov 2015–Aug 2017
This tea towel top is one of those 'secret projects' mentioned last month in "Too Soon to Tell"
(Lupey Loops blog entry, 20 August 2017).

It is my own design and it took ages to finish, mainly because of slow decision-making– agonising over the choice of pattern for the border.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Fun at the Beanies to Berets Exhibition and Sale (Part 1)

There were so many amazing handmade hats at the Port Noarlunga Arts Centre's 'Beanies to Berets' Exhibition that I kept going back to have another look
(and touch and try on).   

It was a super place to find a piece of wearable art to call your very own.  There were beanies and berets to please everyone, from the most conservative to the artistic and crazy-coloured! 

Crocheted by Sharyn Brady


Saturday, 9 September 2017

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

A Quickie!

G'day! G'day!

It's about time I popped my head in here! 
Gee, has it been busy for me lately. Phew!
Where does the time go? 

I was lamenting to an acquaintance yesterday that nap time,* takes a significant chunk out of the available hours to get things done. Unfortunately, that person didn't know me very well or appreciate the necessity of rest for my 'lupey' survival so I wasn't met with much sympathy!

Even if you don't see much happening online at Lupey Loops right now, there has been much happening behind the scenes:

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Too Soon to Tell!

Do you want to know why you haven't seen any finished crochet here for a while?

I promise there are good reasons
—some can be shared and some need to wait
but the main reason can be summed up in two words:
secret projects!

It won't be long until I can tell all. Meanwhile, here's something exciting that might give you a clue:

Monday, 7 August 2017

Friday, 28 July 2017

Crochet at AVCon

Last weekend was the weekend for pop culture festivals.

San Diego, USA hosted the massive Comic-Con convention and, at the same time, Adelaide, Australia had its own annual AVCon festival.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

A Mum's Day Off

Wednesday is the one day in the week that has 
no appointments, no visitors, no support staff and
none of the offspring at home. 
The house is empty; no need to watch the clock. 
It is the perfect day of the week to have my 'day off' 
but I am beginning to wonder about today …

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Maker Faire Adelaide 2017 Call for Makers

It's that time of year again and in case you hadn't realised, 
Maker Faire Adelaide have put out their 'Call for Makers' 
to participate in this year's event.  

Coloured photo postcard: Centre white box of text surrounded by 6 photos of Maker Faire activities. Each photo is separated by a blue band.  Text: Maker Faire Adelaide Sunday November 5, 2017. Photos: (top left) a man with a brimmed hat, dark jacket and red-brown beard examines a model of miniature scenery; (top centre) A child 's smiling face wearing clear safety glasses; (top right) a man with black hair and black shirt smiling next to a piece of silver and white technology which could be a robot; (bottom left) faces of two smiling children between two daleks; (bottom centre) a young child with red hair and red/black top is hammering a nail; (bottom right) a woman with black hair, wearing a brown brimmed cloche-style hat and patterned vestis looking at a millinery exhibit. Hats are on the countertop and on raised stands.

Be quick! The deadline is 14 July 2017
You can find more information here:

The back of the Maker Faire postcard. Mascot "Sam" the robot is in the bottom left corner holding up a paintbrush daubed with red paint. Top left corner has the heading "Adelaide Maker Faire". Next to the heading is the following black text on a white background quoted in the body of the blog entry. Maker Faire Adelaide's web site address is in bold red letters in the centre. From the heading, a curve bordered by two blue bands sweeps down towards the bottom of the card and then up again towards the right edge. Some of the words within the blue section are: Science, Arduino, Digital A.., Drones, Hatter, Robots, ..tonomous Boats, Japanese Armour, Tinsmith, Computing, Lego Building, Experiments, 3D.., Jewellery Design, Hologram..words fade into a screen of pale blue onto which the followoing details are printed: South Australian Makers logo, samakers.org, Sunday November 5, 2017 10am-4pm Tonsley; Email: info@samakers.org; Twitter: @MakerFaireADL; Facebook: MakerFaireADL; A box on the bottom right says "WINNER Community Event of the Year 2017 - City of Marion (logo), Australia Day Celebrate what's great (logo)

What will I do this year?
Shall I be an exhibitor again or offer a workshop?

Friday, 30 June 2017

Guessing Game Answer

A ball of rainbow coloured yarn on the right hand side with two small samples linked to it by a dark section of yarn. The largest sample starts with light blue to green to yellow horizontal striped ribbing above which are two rows of broomstick eyelets in light blue and dark blue.  Following on from that sample, attached by a length of dark yarn, a sample of darkest blue post stitch ribbing. The crochet hook is still inserted into the active loop at the top of the dark sample. The hook is powdercoated aluminium with a red plastic handle. There is a white label attached with the size '2.50 mm' printed on the label. The size '2.5 mm' is also embossed on the side of the red handle in fine white lettering.
Crochet ribbing and broomstick lace together.
Can you guess what it will become?

Last week, I shared this project prototype and invited everyone to guess what it would be.

Did you guess what I was crocheting with those circular knitting needles?

Crocheting with knitting needles?  
That seems a bit peculiar but it's true!

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Beanies to Berets Exhibition & Sale Now Open!

The Beanies to Berets Exhibition and Sale
is now open at the Onkaparinga Arts Centre,
Port Noarlunga, South Australia.

Some of the beanies and berets that will greet you on arrival.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Circular Broomsticks

Last week, I dashed out to buy some circular knitting needles…

Two sets of grey plastic circular knitting needles on a dark background.  The cables are coiled at the top and the needle ends are pointing down. The set on the left are smaller and thinner than those on the right: 12 mm and 15 mm wide respectively.
New needle sets for the collection.
(L–R) 12 mm and 15 mm sizes, 80 cm length.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

BHG's Knitting & Crochet Collection 2017

The cover of the 2017 Better Homes & Gardens Knitting & Crochet Collection magazine displays a tan leather lounge setting featuring two bright throw rugs and cushion in tropical colours plus a round footstool or pouffe covered in round tapestry crochet and tassels. Three round inset photographs display a baby, man and woman respectively modelling their outfits of  light grey-blue pom pom baby hat and tunic, dark blue polo jumper and red beanie and coat. Starbursts in the top right corner announce "75 fabulous patterns you'll love" and "Big bonus learner's guide" . Headlines: "Warm up winter with snuggly throws", "Looking hot in cool jumpers and beanies" and " Wrap up littlies in cuddly creations"
Magazine Cover:
Better Homes & Gardens

Your Knitting & Crochet Collection
For you, him and the kids

 I couldn't help myself.  This year's Better Homes & Gardens annual Knitting & Crochet special issue was on display so I grabbed a copy to see what was being promoted in the Australian yarncrafting scene.

Its release coincided with Wool Week Australia which was from 13–21 May 2017.  Last year, I didn't see the annual special issue until August. It makes more sense to release it in May to give people time to make their winter warmers before the cold truly sets in.  This is my assessment of this year's magazine.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

A Melancholy Mothers' Day

A Mothers' Day card, home-made of light blue card. Three flowers are lined up side by side. The stems are drawn with green pencil. The flower heads are made of paper circles which have scalloped edges folded upwards to make petals raised above the card. Each flower head has a flat centre glued against the card. From left to right the flowers are orange, red and yellow with the centre red flower slightly taller than the other two.
My children made me this card for Mothers' Day 2017.
The home-made ones are always the most precious,
don't you think?

The second Sunday in May is Mothers' Day in Australia.

While celebrating Mothers' Day with my own family last Sunday, there was another mum in my thoughts.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Mayday! Mayday! RAH, rah, rah!

Above-view of a posy of flowers - pink and white roses, white lillies and white carnations with green filling plant (maybe gypsophila).
"Get Well" flowers

It was a Mayday call on a Monday May Day morning that brought about the ambulance ride, through peak hour traffic, to a major city hospital.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

A Quick Blanket Teaser!

Cool pastel grey blue satin underneath a strip of crocheted fabric, the centerpiece of which is a teddy bear's brown face on a white square with a blue border. The horizontal strip is made of three squares joined together in a row with only the centre one showing in full. The satin can be seen above and below the teddy bear square fabric.
A teddy bear square
with satin fabric

If you are following the progress of the baby blanket with the satin backing,  rest assured, progress is being made!

Sewing needle in hand, I'm pleased with the way the satin backing is joining the crocheted blanket and I shall leave you with a quick new picture:

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Self-doubt & Sleeplessness on a Wednesday Morning

Morning light and the house is quiet.
fallen autumn leaves of reddish brown and yellow fallen onto green foliage. 
I've been awake since at least 4 a.m. after tossing and turning for hours on the warmest April night since I don't know when. The temperature remained above 21° C (70° F) overnight which is unheard of, for this time of year.  

Easter always heralds beanie and scarf weather for me–why are we getting summer nights in autumn?

Friday, 7 April 2017

Breaches of Copyright in the Blogosphere

Today I discovered that material from this blog has been illegally copied and published on another web site without my permission. 

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Save the Date: Maker Faire Adelaide 2017

I am delighted to confirm the next
Maker Faire Adelaide:
Sunday, 5 November, 2017

Tonsley, South Australia
10:00a.m.–4:00 p.m.

Coloured photo postcard: Centre white box of text surrounded by 6 photos of Maker Faire activities. Each photo is separated by a blue band.  Text: Maker Faire Adelaide Sunday November 5, 2017. Photos: (top left) a man with a brimmed hat, dark jacket and red-brown beard examines a model of miniature scenery; (top centre) A child 's smiling face wearing clear safety glasses; (top right) a man with black hair and black shirt smiling next to a piece of silver and white technology which could be a robot; (bottom left) faces of two smiling children between two daleks; (bottom centre) a young child with red hair and red/black top is hammering a nail; (bottom right) a woman with black hair, wearing a brown brimmed cloche-style hat and patterned vestis looking at a millinery exhibit. Hats are on the countertop and on raised stands.
Maker Faire Adelaide 's 2017 postcard

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Blue Skies and Blue Satin

Blue satin hanging on the washing line, viewed from beneath. A blue sky with white clouds can be seen behind the satin. Other shapes in the background include the edge of a fence along the bottom, a roof ridge in the bottom left corner and also the tips of some lavender flowers in the bottom left foreground in front of the fence.
Blue like the sky,
Pretty in the breeze.

My baby blanket has been at a standstill.
The hold-up? Fabric to line the reverse side.

How hard do you think it could be to find some basic satin in pastel baby colours?

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Put on a Happy Face

A happy teddy face.
What a cheeky grin!
I was in the middle of making faces when the news came through that baby might be born within 24 hours!

That will teach me to get distracted and procrastinate. The Teddy Blanket was not ready at all! 

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Blocking for The Edge

"Kitty Blanket" pinned to shape
on a blocking board.
Crocheted by Jodiebodie 2010.
Pattern: "Purr-fection" by Candi Jensen

Blocking is a useful technique for giving a neat, professional finish to crocheted items.

Don't just leave it until the end of your crocheted project!  It is also handy during the making of a project.

This is especially true of anything that is made in sections; for example, individual motifs or garment pieces such as sleeves, backs and fronts.

As I block my crocheted squares, here are my tips for giving a blanket that
'finished edge'!

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Photo-luminescent & Solar Yarns

This week I have come across a project that combines science, architecture and yarn in very exciting ways.

Last year, Maker Faire Adelaide sparked my imagination about combining modern technology with yarn and textiles; e.g. potential applications for conductive thread and sensor technology.

This year, the New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) PS1's Young Architects Program will present a project that takes these ideas to a whole new level and embodies many of the values and interests of Maker Faire participants; e.g. socially and environmentally responsive, use of recycled materials, robotics, digital design, 3D printer technology etc.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

The Inevitable Time to Unwind

A hand wound ball of lemon yellow 8 ply (DK) acrylic yarn sits upon a white background.
Moda Vera Marvel
8 ply acrylic (DK)
Colour: 1041 Lemon Sorbet

I've been meaning to tell you this for a while …

Health and household issues have held me back but I'm now here to tell you that … well … the inevitable happened.

I've found myself unwinding the lemon yellow tricot sampler introduced in "A Touch of Tricot" (13 February 2017) because I ran out of white yarn for the baby blanket!

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Stashbusting to a Deadline

You think you have all the time in the world …

the baby's due date is months away …

and then Expectant-Mum's-Best-Friend casually mentions that the pregnancy is already 37 weeks along …

37 weeks already !

(sound of shocked crochet hook crashing to the floor)

That's not much time at all until baby is due to arrive and I haven't even started on that blanket I plan to make for him!

Monday, 13 February 2017

A Touch of Tricot

People often think that tricot (or Tunisian crochet) means only this …

Crocheted 'afghan stitch' also known as tricot or Tunisian simple stitch in horizontal bands of colour from top to bottom: purple, pink, orange and yellow. The stitch creates a square grid pattern.
Afghan/Entrelac/Tunisian Simple Stitch in rainbow stripes of purple, pink, orange and yellow.

when tricot can actually be all this …

A section of a yellow sampler strip of 20 different tricot stitches arranged horizontally.
A sampler strip of twenty different tricot stitches in lemon yellow.

… and this …

A lavender (purple) sampler strip of 8 different tricot stitch patterns arranged horizontally.
A sampler strip of tricot lace stitches in lavender.

… and more!

Friday, 10 February 2017

Summer Scorcher

As usual, the weather waits until school term recommences in February before unleashing its full fury of 40+ degree heat (104+°F) on South Australia.

I'm laying low indoors, grateful to have an air-conditioner and praying that the power has not failed. Power failures in extreme temperatures are a common occurrence these days and the subject of much consternation.

It's been quiet on the Lupey Loops blogging front for a number of reasons.  I have blog posts in the planning stages but have put them on hold while I do the unthinkable: crochet to a deadline!  

Friday, 3 February 2017

Tour Down Under 2017 at Marvellous McLaren Vale

Setting up for the race.

An early arrival in McLaren Vale, South Australia for
Stage 5 of the Tour Down Under:

The main street is closed and everyone is setting up
for a great day of bike racing.

Park the car, start heading off,
then realise "I've forgotten the camera!"

Mobile phone to the rescue! The photos in this blog entry will be less about 'sports action' and more about the celebratory 'atmosphere'  in McLaren Vale, the heart of the Southern Vales wine region on the Fleurieu Peninsula of South Australia.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Ready, Get Set for Victor Harbor & Tour Down Under 2017

Ready, set ...

Tour Down Under Race Director Mike Turtur OAM prepares
to drop the flag for a rolling start to Stage 3!

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Tour Down Under 2017 People's Choice Classic

People's Choice Classic
banner on Hutt Street.
It's the Tour Down Under
in Adelaide, South Australia!
It's a great thrill to have a
Grand Tour race in my home city.
It's an even greater thrill to be there!

Friday, 6 January 2017

Simple Crocheted Finger Puppets & Lupey Long-distance Gifts

A wrapped Christmas gift with a red bow on top has a small simple finger puppet standing in front of it. The puppet has black hair, black dot eyes, a red smile and stripes on the body, from neck to bottom edge: green, blue red.

Once upon a time, there were two little children, a girl and a boy. The girl was 2 years of age and her brother was almost 6 months old.

These darling children are very much loved by a large family with lots and lots of cousins–an ample supply of playmates.

The children have regular contact with most of their cousins but there are some that live more than 1000 kilometres away! (That's me and my family.)

Christmas and birthdays present a challenge when choosing 'long-distance' gifts. I'm here to share my pattern for crocheted finger puppets and to explain how they were the perfect choice for two young children and their cousins at Christmas (2016).